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I am a physical therapist professionally and movement enthusiast in all aspects of life. David Thatcher has exceptionally impressive manual skills for identifying and addressing soft tissue adhesions between the fascial sheaths surrounding and interspersed between our muscles, ligaments, tendons… I seek him out whenever I have mobility issues causing limitations and compensations in my movement patterns. I leave his treatment session markedly improved and with confidence the effects of his treatment session will persist. I have recommended him to friends and patients to address soft tissue adhesions. He is the most consistently effective practitioner I have experienced.

I have been getting bodywork once a week by David for the last  5 years, and cannot imagine life without his weekly fix. I have found David to be the most genuine, sincere, creative, knowledgeable and effective healer/therapists that I have known, bar none.  Furthermore, two of the traits that sets him apart from the pack, is his curiosity of what may be the root causes of my various maladies, and his ability to problem solve and create a solution. The benefits are not only dealing with my body weaknesses, but also enhancing my flexibility, movement, blood flow, and quality of life. On a personal front, David is patient, wise beyond his years, funny, caring and highly intelligent. In summary, I would recommend him to anyone and everyone whether for one or a series of sessions, or for the long haul.

Throughout my life I have always experienced back and neck pain. A coach from my gym suggested that I try David Thatcher and his rolfing methods to get my posture into working condition. Not only have I found David’s work to be positively addictive but the word that comes to mind when I think of my sessions with him is euphoric. I have participated in massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture but none of those compare to the relief and sustainability that comes along with a rolfing session. In the gym not only has my mobility increased but my lifts have improved as well. The best part about a session in Thatcher’s cave is knowing that the intense work he does for an hour will have long lasting effects for a lifetime. Thanks, David!

The first time I saw David I called him out of the blue because I had an extreme weird case of vertigo (weird because I’m 38, fit, and don’t take any medication that would cause vertigo) that had me unable to walk or stand up without vomiting and falling over with dizziness.  I had seen a neurologist who said a calcium crystal had become dislodged in my inner ear, handed me a ditto, told me to do these head exercises, take these drugs, and hopefully it would go away. I had no idea what rolfing really was but I was willing to try anything. David made me feel very comfortable over the phone with his down to earth nature when he said “Ah, you’ve got a case of the dizzies huh? Come on over.”  David took me in immediately and worked on me for two hours, moving my head and body into the positions my neurologist had told me to do on the ditto (which I couldn’t do myself). After the two hours was over, my vertigo was completely gone. David was such a savior to me. I’m not sure what I would have done if the vertigo had gone on much longer. It was horrible. To have it go away was such a gift to me.

Since then, anytime I have had any physical issues I call David first.  I hurt my neck while doing crossfit olympic lifts and couldn’t move my neck.  I saw David and my neck was better by the time I left his office. I had hip and pelvic pain from bursitis of my hip and saw David and again, the pain was gone.  His knowledge of the body is extremely impressive. He knows why and how things happen, can look at your body and tell you what is wrong and what you need to do differently; whether it be standing in a different way, improving posture in a certain way, etc.  He truly is a healer. The best thing about David, though, is his unbelievable integrity. I have asked to see him at times and he has told me honestly, that seeing him is not the right thing for me right now. He always points me in the direction of whatever is best for me at the time, for my body…even if the best thing is not to see him.  He never pushes more treatments on me. As a matter of fact, I will often tell him I think I need to see him again next week just to be sure I’m really cured and he will say “Let’s just see how you feel in a few days. You may not need another session now.” He’s just such an easy going, honest, intelligent, knowledgable, strong, capable healer.  I trust him completely and will continue to seek his help and treatment for everything I can. Unlike medication, which just masks what is wrong with your body, David actually heals you.

I’ve gone to see David for a couple of different issues and always leave his sessions literally feeling like a whole new woman. After my very first session I stood up and instantly felt taller and more aligned. It’s amazing how I walk in feeling so rounded and heavy in the shoulders and after only a 1 hour I stand up and feel like all the stress has been lifted off my body and my balance seems more centered. He not only improves my posture and decreases my pain, he gives me good advice to maintain the gains we achieve and improve my overall wellbeing and health. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for postural improvements and pain relief from every day stresses on the body.

Dave Thatcher is truly gifted at what he does . I was very skeptical after years of neck,shoulder,and back pain, and numerous failed remedies. After going for a full 10 week session, I felt like a teenager again. My back pain was gone, I had a full range of motion in my neck and shoulders, and even was able to take fuller, deeper breaths. Everyone needs to experience Dave. He’s a true magician.

Often I cannot articulate where my pain is located.  David will watch me stand , move, and then says “ I got it”, and I hop on the table and we get to work. He will always find the exact spot and relieve the pain. 

When my last massage therapist moved from the area, I searched high and low for someone who incorporates  Rolfing with massage therapy, and someone who understands all sources of discomfort and pain. David’s ThatcherMethod has exceeded all my expectations.