This is the bodywork you've been looking for



Stop losing the fight against gravity and enjoy a fully supported structure


Improve your range of motion, increase your strength potential, and get more out of your hard work


Address the problem, not the symptom and finally enjoy a pain free life again

Beyond Deep

Always addressing the pattern

not the symptom to make actual change

that lasts weeks instead of hours

What Clients Say

"I’ve gone to see David for a couple of different issues and always leave his sessions literally feeling like a whole new woman. After my very first session I stood up and instantly felt taller and more aligned."
Sandra Wojciehowski
PT, DPT, Advanced Clinical Specialist, NRN Clinical Supervisor Kessler Rehab


Are you a Gym or Studio interested in bringing decompression to your members?
Reach out and ask about our 90 minute workshops.
Using simple and accessible tools (lacrosse balls, golf balls, pvc, foam rollers) and some grit,
we go through the process of decompressiong your members connective tissue holding patterns. 

About David Thatcher

David Thatcher is a Rolf inspired bodyworker who has been helping clients overcome chronic pain and achieve their goals since 2007.

He received his training under the guidance of Chuck Carpenter from The School of Integrative Therapy.

Over the last 12 years he has worked with people from ages 5 to 90 and everything in between.  

He’s worked with professional athletes, professional singers, professional actors, high school and collegiate athletes, writers, dancers, yogis, doctors, surgeons, dentists, dental hygienists, physical therapists, lawyers, hedge fund managers, realtors, all levels of the financial industry, all levels of sales from pharma to wine to insurance; gym owners, teachers, trainers, consultants, every form of construction, professional moms and dads.

He has seen what the world can do to a person and knows how to fix it one elbow at a time.

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